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State Vice President: Gregory N. Hicks FO-01 Economic Officer

In the course of a 22-year career at the Department of State, Greg Hicks has served in six overseas assignments in Libya, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and The Gambia. He was Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassy Tripoli during the September 11, 2012 tragedy in Benghazi. During three tours in Washington, Greg served as Deputy Director of the Office of Investment Affairs in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, as Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy, and Agricultural Affairs, as a trade policy negotiator for the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and as Country Officer for Vietnam, Oman, and Yemen. Greg played key roles in the negotiation of Vietnam’s WTO accession, the Bahrain Free Trade Agreement, the Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement, and Oman’s WTO accession, as well as the 1999-2000 renegotiation of U.S. military base access in Oman. In Bahrain, he facilitated the formation of the first, legally-authorized American Chamber of Commerce in an
Arab Gulf country. Most recently, Greg was instrumental in guiding the development of an effective multilateral policy response to the resurgent international economic challenge from state-owned enterprises. In the course of his career, Greg has received six Meritorious Service Increases, four individual Superior Honor Awards, three individual Meritorious Honor Awards, and was runner-up for the Department-wide Annual Human Rights Award.

As DCM in Tripoli and Acting DCM in Manama, he chaired the Emergency Action Committee and was an EAC member in Manama and Sanaa, where he was also a school board member. He has chaired EER Review Committees, Awards Committees, and served on ICASS Boards and Housing Boards.

Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Greg earned Master's Degrees from the University of Michigan in Applied Economics and Modern Near Eastern and North African Studies. He graduated from Bethany College with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has worked as a bookstore manager, journalist, insurance salesman, and construction materials salesman.

Greg has been married to his wife, Janne, for 29 years. She is a human resources manager for USAID contractor John Snow, Inc. In Manama, Janne served two years as Community Liaison Officer, winning runner-up honors for CLO of the Year. In Damascus, she managed the employee association commissary and was nominated for Commissary Manager of the Year. They have three children – Shannon, Alan, and Wendy – who attended American and British international schools and the DOD school in Manama. Shannon graduated in May 2012 from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy and Physics. Alan is a junior double-majoring in Physics and Mathematics at Purdue University. Wendy is a seventh-grader at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia.

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